Volunteer needed for Chukars.org

I created this website for the coaches, parents and players of the Chukars Youth Baseball Organization. We have moved to Utah, but I would love to see another member of the Chukar Family take on the maintenance of this website to keep it as an asset to all of the teams for scheduling and communication. If someone would like to take on this responsibility please let me know ASAP, it is very easy to keep this site up and make updates. The user interface to make posts is simple and can be done on the web or even by smartphone/iPhone or iPad. Please just put a comment on this post with your email address or phone number or you can email me – ewhender@gmail.com. Thanks for your interest in helping make the Chukars the best baseball club for our children to be part of! – Eric Hender



The RMSB Idaho Falls Tournament Schedules have been posted. I have updated each team page with a direct link to the IF Tournament Schedule for that team. That way any updates to the tournament schedule for that Chukar team will be immediately available through their link on the team page. The main RMSB Idaho Falls Tournament web page link is included on the right of each page of the Chukars.org website. Please share the weblinks with your family and friends to stay up to date with your team’s schedules and results. Coaches, please send updates for your team pages and I’ll get them posted. Good luck to all of our Chukar Teams!

Premier League Games Tuesday, May 24th Cancelled

The Premier League website posted that all Premier League games scheduled for Tuesday, May 24th have been cancelled.  Most of these games will be rescheduled for a later date.

RMSB Memorial Day Tournament Schedule Link on Paricipating Team Pages

The RMSB Memorial Day Tournament Schedules were published Saturday night at 11:30pm.  A link to the Memorial Day Tournament Schedule for each team has been added to the top of their team page.  Please go to your team page(s) and select the schedule link.  It will open a new window with a current PDF from the RMSB website.  Good luck to all five of the participating Chukar teams!

Congratulations to the 12U Black Team

The Chukars 12U Black Team won the RMSB Pocatello Tournament this weekend.  Way to go Chukars!!!!

IF American Legion Skills Camp

This posting is notification that the Idaho Falls American Legion Baseball will be holding a Skills Camp on Monday and Tuesday, June 6-7th. This camp is not endorsed by the Chukars, but is an excellent opportunity to get additional skills coaching and work. The sign-up sheet is included at the bottom of the post and was made available by the Whitbeck Family. Conner Whitbeck, who plays on the 12U Chukar Black Team, has an older brother Braxton who is playing Legion ball.  Also, Rhett Pinnock, who plays on the 12U Maroon Team , has an older brother Reggie who is playing Legion ball. By noting either Reggie Pinnock or Braxton Whitbeck on your sign-up form, a portion of the camp fees will go to help their fundraising efforts.

Chukar Nation – Volunteers Needed

I started this website to help our coaches disseminate information easily, to help families and players read about the Chukars teams and be a point for learning about our our great organization.  I would like to get some help on updating the Chukars.org website for each Team Page.  If there are coaches or parents that are blog, website or computer savvy that can take on editing or updating their own Team Page, please email Eric Hender – ehender @ cableone .net (just remove the spaces).  It is relatively easy to do and just takes some time.  With all of our teams it is difficult for me to keep each team information as current as everyone would like.  I also need coaches to send information they would like added.

This website can help be a great point of information for your team, their families and friends and your players.  I know that with some help, each team can have a great page with scheduling, tournament and game recaps if you want and we can update a Chukar Nation Score Board.  Please email me if you have the time and ability to help out.  We appreciate all of the supportive parents and family members.  GO CHUKARS!

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